2013/03/27 CBP Eliminates Form I-94 Arrival/Departure Record Paper Forms
CBP Announces Interim Final Rule Published to Automate Form I-94 Arrival/Departure Record - Eliminates Paper Forms, Streamlines Admission Process (Wednesday, March 27, 2013) Washington — U.S. Customs and Border Protection today announced the publication of an Interim Final Rule in the Federal Register that will automate Form I-94 Arrival/Departure Record to streamline the admissions process for individuals lawfully visiting the United States. Form I-94 provides international visitors evidence they have been lawfully admitted to the U.S. which is necessary to verify alien registration, immigration status, and employment authorization. The automation means that affected visitors will no longer need to fill out a paper form when arriving to the U.S. by air or sea, improving procedures and reducing costs. The change will become effective on April 26 and will be implemented at air and sea ports of entry in a phased approach beginning April 30. Travelers wanting a hard copy or other evidence of admission will be directed to CBP.gov/I94 to print a copy of an I-94 based on the electronically submitted data, including the I-94 number from the form, to provide as necessary to benefits providers or as evidence of lawful admission. ( http://cbp.gov/I94) As part of CBP’s work to bring advances in technology and automation to the passenger processing environment, records of admission will now be generated using traveler information already transmitted through electronic means. This change should decrease paperwork for both the officer and the traveler and will allow CBP to better optimize its resources. Please note: (http://cbp.gov/I94) will not be a live website until the end of April. http://www.cbp.gov/xp/cgov/newsroom/news_releases/national/03272013.xml See video: https://i94.cbp.dhs.gov/I94/jsp/CaptivateVideo.jsp